Lime-Thyme Butter

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At my house, nothing signals the beginning of summer more than a feast of blue crab and boiled corn on the cobb.  It always reminds me of lazy days at the beach, and today I was lucky enough to capture a bit of that magic in my own backyard.

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Now, you might think that fresh summer corn with melted butter couldn’t be improved upon, but you would be wrong.  This easy receipe for Lime-Thyme Butter requires only three ingredients, but really gives your cookout a little something extra.


  • Desired Amount of Butter, Softened (I used half a stick for this post)
  • Small Bunch of Fresh Thyme to Taste
  • Lime Juice to Taste

May 24_Pic 3

For this recipe, you just mix the lime juice and thyme into the butter and enjoy.  It’s best if you make it ahead of time and let the flavors blend together for an hour or so before serving, but it’s still delicious right away.  You could also go crazy with this concept and try other combos (honey-lavender butter, perhaps?).

May 24_Pic 4

Seriously… great is summer?

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