Test Kitchen Takedown: S’mores Icebox Cake

This cake has inspired me to try a whole new series. The test kitchen takedown! Where I will try recipes completely unaltered and tell you how it turns out. Its sort of like a first impressions but with food.

My nieces are staying with me this summer and my younger niece likes to bake. So far she has made muffins (which were not awesome…) and cookies, which were pretty good.  While I was perusing online for more things for her to try I came across a recipe for an icebox cake. Say what! I honestly have never even heard of such thing, I asked my wife if she has ever tried one and she had never heard of it either.

Perhaps you are like me and are wondering what the hell is an icebox cake. Its a cake made out of cookies or crackers with layers of filling, usually whip cream, that you put in the fridge over night. The cookies absorb the liquid from the filling and soften creating a cake like texture. After a quick google search I decided to try the S’Mores Icebox Cake from Completely Delicious.

So now to the rules of the Test Kitchen Takedown. I made this recipe with no alterations. I linked to the recipe above and I will review how it went making it and changes I would make in the future.

Let me start this by saying this cake is delicious without any changes. Also, I apologize for the crappy pics. I made this at 10PM, under bad lighting.

To start you have to make chocolate pudding. I have never made pudding that didn’t come from a box. It supers easy and I will be making it from scratch from now on.  This needs to chill for one hour be sure to plan that in to your cook time. I completely forgot to take a picture of just the pudding but you can see it below.


Next, you make the filling which is a marshmallow/whip cream combination. Then comes the fun part of assembling the cake. Basically its like make a chocolate-marshmallow lasagna. This is the only part of the recipe I would make changes. I would leave out the mini marshmallows and increase the marshmallow cream to about 2 cups. Everyone in my house agreed that mini mallows created sort of weird texture. Also be generous in your pudding application. I wasn’t and I was sad there wasn’t more the chocolatey flavor in the final product. That is probably completely a user error and not a recipe error. I had leftover pudding and I ate it on leftover graham crackers… don’t judge me.


Finally after refrigerating all night, the cake is ready to my iced. All that needs to be done is a whip cream frosting. Let me just say that I love whip cream frosting. It’s so easy to make and so delicious that we never buy the store kind anymore.

DSC_0289 Overall, I loved this cake. It’s great for the summer since you don’t need to turn on the oven. I will definitely be making this again with a few changes.




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