China Cabinet Makeover

China Cabinet Before-After

Sorry I am late on this post. I meant to post this last week but I was too busy living life. Just joking, I was being lazy and eating cookies. Whateves.

So, I refinished my first piece of furniture. This took me about two weeks and at times was super tedious but I love it so much! I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey on this project. I read a lot of tutorials before starting to work on the cabinet and I really liked that by using chalk paint there is no sanding, stripping or priming involved. Just slap the paint on, wax and done.  Sounds great, right?

Painting the cabinet was super easy. The paint is really thick but I just did two thin coats. When you apply it looks really streaky and you can still see the original wood underneath. Don’t fret, the second coat will take care of all that mess. The second coat of paint goes on smooth and completely opaque. It takes about half  and hour to dry each coat of paint. Theoretically, if unlike me you don’t have a tiny dictator running amok in your house, you could get it both painted and waxed in one day.  Since, I was painting during Peanut’s naps, I would put one coat of paint on each day. I forgot to mention, you can use a regular ol’ paintbrush with this paint.

Sorry, my can looks gross. The brown splotches are spilled coffee.

Step two is where I ran into some issues. After painting with the chalk paint, you have to wax it to seal it. I did quit a bit of research about how to get the best results with chalk paint and wax. Annie Sloan makes a special wax brush but  many tutorials said that you can use cheesecloth or any lint free rag to apply the wax. Then rub it off with an old t shirt. Which is good since this project can add up really quickly. The paint is $38.50 a quart,  the wax is $27.50 and finally a wax brush is $40.50. Needless to say I was not pumped to drop that kind of money on just a brush. Let me save you the suspense, the rag/cheesecloth method was crap. I used a ton of wax and had terrible, streaky coverage. I was really bummed. I decided to search, my love, Amazon and found a wax brush on there $14. Winner! I attacked the cabinet again with my trusty new wax brush. SO MUCH BETTER. I barely used any wax when I used the brush and I was able to do the whole cabinet. I still buffed the cabinet with an old t-shirt. Now, there was no streaks and it had soft sheen to it.


So, would I recommend Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or chalk paint in general?  Definitely, IF you like the look of old or shabby chic furniture. I did not further distress my cabinet because honestly, after all work that went into painting and buffing; I couldn’t stand the idea of taking sandpaper to it. Also, the wax will slightly distress the paint anyways. I liked the look of the minor distressing. My advice, buy the damn wax brush but buy it from Amazon and get it for cheap. My last word on chalk paint, a little goes along way. I painted this cabinet plus a dresser I picked up on the side of the road, that now holds Peanut’s fish tank, and I still have about half a can of paint.

Curb-side find!

P.S. I started distressing the paint on the dresser but I didn’t care for it, so I quit.

P.S. #2 – I was so happy with this project that it made me want to do all sorts of DIY projects. I just bought an electric saw…

2 thoughts on “China Cabinet Makeover”

  1. Very nice. The detailed trim on the bottom doors, is it wood or plastic? I have a cabinet with some plastic on the doors that would look great, if the paint would stick. Also, the sides have a great grain and pretty wood….if I did one coat of the paint would the grain show in a good way? Thanks for sharing.

    1. The trim on the bottom of my cabinet is wood. I have read that chalk paint will stick to almost anything, wood, plastic, glass, etc. I even saw a blog post where someone chalk painted the fabric of a wing-back chair. I definitely saw the grain of the wood through my first coat. You could also add a little water to thin it out and it would be more like a wash than a coat of paint.

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