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Trunk MakeoverHello – long time no chat! This week is DIY project that I have been working on for the last two weeks. For a couple months now I have been looking for a bench for the front hall. I always ask people to take off their shoes when they come in to the house. Normally when they leave they either end up doing a one-legged dance while putting shoes on or sitting on the steps. I wanted some place people could sit, put on their shoes and not have to get in a workout. I have been slow in finding something though because I really didn’t want to spend a lot cash on it since I tend to consider it a more of a frivolous piece of furniture.

A couple weekends ago I was helping my sister move in to her first home. That’s where I saw it. She had a pile of stuff that she was getting rid of and right on the bottom was a trunk with a broken leg. I knew with a little work that it would perfect. Especially since it was free.


Originally I wanted to remove all the animal print and preserve the interior lining. To start I carefully removed all the nailheads, so I could reuse them. Then, I removed about five staples in the lining and stabbed myself in the palm with a screwdriver before I decided that method was too damn tedious. At my wife’s suggestion, I ended up just cutting off the fabric from the lid. For the body, I decided to just leave the fabric on and cover over it with the new fabric.


Repairing the leg was hardest part of the makeover. I used originally used a piece of cedar to stabilize the leg but it wasn’t thick enough and cracked when Peanut jumped on the trunk. So I went to Home Depot and got a thicker piece of wood. I used a Tee-Nut to attach the leg. I don’t have any pictures of this part because I took me a week and a half to get it to all work. Thankfully I only wanted to trash the whole thing 1,000 times before finally getting it to work. Yay, perseverance!


In total this trunk cost me about $15 to recover. I picked up the fabric at Jo-Ann’s in the clearance bin, four yards cost $10. I used all the original hardware including the nail heads and picked up the wood to fix the broken leg in the Home Depot salvage bin. I love the end result. It fits all the criteria I had for a bench.


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