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As much as I love beauty products, paying a lot for something that will be washed down the drain can feel pretty self-indulgent. Having said that, self care is extremely important. Life is stressful (especially this time of year), and it’s easy to feel like you don’t have time or energy to unwind.

That’s probably why I choose to relax with beauty products most of the time. They feel luxurious, let me treat myself, and don’t really take much time (I mean…I have to bathe anyway, why not do it with something that smells amazing?). I recently ordered some items that are a bit more luxe that I typically purchase, but I really feel that all three of these are totally worth it.

1) Caudalie Make-up Removing Cleansing Water – I know, I know….I’m late to the micellar water party. But in all honesty, I kind of just expected it to be overly hyped…uh…water. So imagine my delight when I had the opportunity to sample this version and found it to be so much better. This cleansing water is a refreshing and eco-friendly alternative to make-up removing wipes (which always dry out before I use them all). It smells a bit like grapes and white tea, and somehow manages to get my skin clean with almost no effort and zero residue.

2) June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque – If you’re looking for a gentle way to make your skin glow, you REALLY need an enzyme mask or peel. These superstars are my favorite way to exfoliate, hands down. The fruit enzymes degunk your pores without causing irritation. This one by June Jacobs is on the more expensive side, but will seriously make you feel like you’re at a fancy spa. It goes on like a thick body butter, smells like a pina colada, and makes your skin feel like silk.

3) Tocca Nourishing Body Scrub (Cleopatra) – Ok. For those of you who are already fans of Tocca’s Cleopatra perfume, let me warn you. This elegant scrub does NOT share the spicy scent as the name implies. Instead, it has a very green cucumber fragrance. It’s still great, but not what I expected when I placed the order. The scrub itself is heaven. It starts out very grainy with good exfoliation. But then the sugar granules melt down to a supremely moisturizing olive oil base. The fragrance lingers long after your shower has ended which is a nice alternative to wearing a heavy perfume.

Now it’s your turn….what are your favorite luxe products?

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