Getting Organized

HELLO! It has been so long since I have a posted here. I have been on “maternity leave”. I use that term loosely since as a stay-at-home mom there is no real maternity leave…or weekends, vacations or time off in general. However my wife has been on maternity leave and I decided to take a break from everything and join her in adjusting to our new family dynamic. It has been amazing to watch Peanut transition into the roll of big brother.

Anyways, let’s get right in to it. I generally don’t set new year’s resolutions; mainly because I know that I will not be keeping them. I have a sort of an “aim low and never be disappointed” mentality regarding new years resolutions. This year is a little bit different though. I really wanted to get organized in all parts of my life. With two kids, a bigger house and B about to go back to work, I feel like things tend to slip through cracks and sometimes it can be just overwhelming to manage. While browsing the interwebs I came across the site Clean Mama. I really like how she managed her household with an old school binder and schedules. Everything was centrally located and therefore easy to find and cross reference. A couple days spent in the instagram rabbit-hole looking at planners and I was hooked.

Filofax A5, Saffiano Raspberry

I went with the Filofax planner in the size A5; which is basically a half sheet of paper. Mine came with a weekly calendar, some graph paper, some plain lined paper and contacts inserts. You can get tons of inserts out there to organize every aspect of your life. They range in price from free to as high as $100.

DSC_2334I really wanted to want to set mine up on the cheap; see above about aiming low. I figured if I don’t stick with this system at least it won’t have cost me a ton of money. I bought two sets of inserts off etsy, both for about $5 and printed and punched them myself. I also made my own dividers from regualr 8.5×11 dividers I bought on sale at Micheal’s.


DSC_2335The first section I have is a monthly calendar. I think I paid $2 for this template on Etsy. I also have a cleaning schedule I downloaded for free from the Clean Mama website. I think I am going to make my own though because this one doesn’t cover everything I want to clean in a week.

DSC_2345In the next section I have a daily schedule. I am using this mainly to keep notes for what I need to remember each day. Pretty self explanatory.

DSC_2339I have a section for meal planning. I love planning out an entire week of meals. It so much easier than coming up with something every day at the last minute. Plus it helps me with my next section.

DSC_2340Grocery lists. Previously I went to the store every other day. It was basically an easy way for Peanut and I to get out of the house. It also led to a lot of needless spending. My goal is try only going to the grocery 1-2 times a week from here out.

DSC_2342Finally I have bill tracking. I have tracked our bills for years but in a separate notebook. I will be moving over to this planner this year.

I have more inserts for budgeting and I would like to add a section for the boys. I am starting with these for now and I plan to tweak throughout the year as I get a better feel for what I need to store in there. I also still use Evernote on my phone to keep track of running lists.

How do you stay organized?