Custom Trinket Box




Happy V-day, Darlings!

I know that you’ll all be receiving copious amounts of bling from your many gentleman (or lady) callers today, so I thought it might be fun to put together a customized trinket box using old-school decoupage. This way, you can show off your personality while neatly storing your stash.

First things first. You’ll need:

    • A storage container. I used an inexpensive wooden box from the craft store, but even a cardbox box should do.
    • Mod Podge and Sealant
    • Scrapbook paper, pictures, etc. that appeal to you
    • Paintbrush
    • Optional: screwdriver, paint


For my box, I started by removing all of the hardware. I then applied the mod podge to the inner and outer surfaces and applied scrapbook paper.


I then chose to paint the inner and outer edges black rather than fight to get the correct measurements. Lessons learned: It would have been way easier to do this step BEFORE applying the paper.

Finally, I was able to apply fun pictures to the box using more mod podge and spray with a sealant. For this project, I chose campy vintage horror chicks because I thought it would go really well with the serpent green color of this paper. I also opted to pass on reinstalling the hardware because I like ease of this clasp-less version. Also, I’m lazy.


Voila! A cute and kitschy storage solution that will last long after you’re over all of the cheesy Valentine’s day cliches.