Welcome to Running on Laughter. We’re two thirty-somethings living in the D.C. area. We lack the creativity to write a witty “about page” so here are some fun facts.

1. Favorite Book

Lori: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (or Harry Potter….I don’t know…I like them both).

Lauren: We the Living by Ayn Rand

2. Why did you start this blog?

Lori: I wanted a creative outlet after becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Lauren: I’m hoping for fame and fortune. Oh! And a creative outlet as well.

3. Any Pets?

Lori: Too many. 3 dogs.

Lauren: 1 chihuahua, 1 rabbit and the laziest Australian Shepard in the world.

4. Dream Collaboration?

Lori: The Bloggess. If we ever get to go to a blogging convention, I will stalk her. (in a non-creepy, perfectly legal way, of course.)

Lauren: Courtney Love. Always Courtney Love.

5. Favorite Cocktail?

Lori: Beer or Whiskey Sour.

Lauren: Gin and St. Germaine with a dash of bitters.

6. Guilty Pleasure?

Lori: Pretty Little Liars. I swear that I’m going to stop watching….but I’ll probably continue.

Lauren: Yeah….definitely Pretty Little Liars.

7. What 3 items would you bring on a desert island.

Lori: Essentials: Flint, Machete and a Pot. Non-essentials: My family, a Taylor Swift album, and an Ayn Rand book to burn for warmth (and pleasure).

Lauren: Essentials: Water, Sunscreen and a Machete. Non-essentials: iPod, under-eye concealer, and a lifetime supply of chai lattes.

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