So Many Fails, So Little Time: S’mores Dip

Let’s just jump into this, shall we? I am sure you have all seen those recipes that float around Facebook with the title “Save this one for later” or ” Can’t wait to try this!” or my newest favorite “She mixed cake batter with something ridiculous and you won’t believe what she made!” Please read those in your best Mr Moviephone voice. Does anyone actually try these recipes? Normally, I scroll past skeptically because while the pictures look good, the ingredient list looks like a processed food science experiment.

I have seen the s’mores dip recipe passed around quite a bit since summer started. Now let me confess to something straight up. I am a human and as such, I LIVE for s’mores. I don’t know that anything is better than toasted (read: burnt) marshmallow and melted chocolate.  So s’mores dip was right up my alley. I caved guys! And I payed the price of failure. Without further ado.

This was my first attempt. I tried to go simple with this recipe. I preheated the oven with my cast iron pan inside. Then I put some chocolate chips in the bottom of the pan and topped it with mini marshmallows. Finall,y I put it all back in the oven for 5-7 minutes to toast up. She’s a beauty ain’t she? I was so proud I posted it to Facebook!


LIES! It was barely edible. We ended up scrapping off and eating the marshmallows. Instead of melting, the chocolate got crumbly, grainy and weirdly a little greasy.


My next attempt, I decided I needed to melt the chocolate before hand. I melted the chocolate in heavy cream to make it more of a sauce consistency. The rest of the recipe I kept the same since my marshmallows came out so nicely last time.

Looks promising!

Except then this happened:

You’re killing me Smalls!

I don’t know what happened but my marshmallows just melted into the chocolate sauce. I can say this tasted delicious even if it belongs on the Instagram account Cooking for Bae (do not click that link if you are about to eat).

My second attempt was salvageable. We topped it with more marshmallows and toasted it again and it came out pretty good. We couldn’t finish it though because of the sugar overload. I decided not to attempt this again since I was pretty sure the diabetus would set in before too much longer. Twice in one week was more than enough for me.

(Facebook Recipe-1,  Lori-0)