Craveworthy: Tournesol Macarons

June 7_Pic 1

This weekend I attended the Occoquan Craft Festival.  I swear that this was the best year yet.  I attended with some of my favorite people, and the weather was gorgeous.  I probably should have just handed over my wallet when they let me in.  There were so many great vendors this weekend.  I ended up leaving with a couple of pairs of earrings and some macarons. Oh…the macarons….

So you’ve probably figured out by now that I love all things girly.  So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the macaron tent caught my eye at the festival.  And this tent was adorable.  The logo was cute, and the tent was filled with young women all decked out in retro, pastel dresses.  Everything looked like a fun tea party that I definitely wanted to be a part of.

As I was paying for my rainbow-colored pastries, I happened to ask if they were local.  It turns out that Tournesol Macarons are only available online at this point.  You heard it here first–this is a brand new company (only two weeks old!), so I was really excited to give them a shout-out.

And let me tell you, the cookies are AMAZING! The raspberry-rose macaron tastes like heaven.  A very delicate, very very girly heaven. The caramel is even better.  The pastries are light, fluffy, and delicious.  It is seriously like biting into a cloud.  I’m selfishly hoping that anyone that reads this places an order so that the business grows and I can continue to get these. They are that yummy.

June 7_Pic 2